Preparing for your interview

Regardless of its shape or form, you will get the best out of your interview and give yourself the best possible chance if you prepare thoroughly. Even the most confident person is likely to experience some nerves in an interview situation. While it’s completely normal to feel nervous, the more preparation you do, the better you will be able to show why you are the right person for the job.

Preparing yourself

  • Sit down with your CV and make notes.  Study your work record and what you have achieved. How do you see yourself? What have you done? What ambitions do you have? Make notes and prepare and rehearse sound bites about yourself. Do this out loud, even if it makes you feel weird.
  • Have a mock interview with a friend based on the common interview questions you’re likely to face.
  • If you are asked to bring certificates, references, etc, get them ready well in advance to avoid having to chase around on the morning of the big day.
  • Take a copy of your CV to the interview.
  • Take copies of References to the interview.