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Mr. & Mrs.  Terry Gail   **********

Mature Australian Couple with many skills to offer


Terry and Gail have owned and managed 3 businesses successfully. Terry possesses a degree in science, is a technician and possesses many trade skills such as electronics, electrical work, plumbing, painting, woodwork, mechanics and landscaping. Gail has a degree in teaching, and possesses many skills including cooking, gardening and many types of handicraft skills. We have both worked with the aged, people who have disabilities and who are suffering dementia. We both possess a driver's licence. Gail has extensive experience working with children. These skills qualify Terry and Gail to ably fulfill the requirements of home and property management, improvement and maintenance.

Age 60 years ( Sunday 20th of September 1959 )
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Location UNITED KINGDOM , Greater London , Wandsworth

Profile information

Career level MD/CEO/chairperson
Main interests
  • House Management
  • Co-Management Couple
Years of education 10 - 20 years
Academic qualifications
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • English
Eligible to work in UK? Yes, with visa
Have a valid driver licence? Yes
Will use personal car? Yes

Mini interview

What are your long term interests and goals ?
Terry and I would like to work together as this has proved a very successful arrangement in the past. We have never worked in the UK but feel we will be a great asset in a position.
What key things are you looking for in your next job?
Working together on the same property, being able to live on the property.
Can you describe what you feel to be an ideal working environment ?
In a home, doing jobs that are required by the home owners and being able to get to know our employers on a personal level.
What kind of people do you find it most difficult to work with ? Why ?
We do not find it difficult to work with any kind of person and believe in a team position.
How do you resolve conflicts ?
Talking to the person/s discussing options available and coming to a workable conclusion.
How would you describe your personality ?
Terry and I are both friendly and approachable. We have a good sense of humour and are conscientious and accountable.
How would you characterise your strengths ?
We have both learned from experience and continue to learn.
How would you characterise your weaknesses?
Other than aging, our weaknesses are in the form of a lack of residential stability as we have been travelling for the last 2 years.
Contact information is visible only to registered recruiters

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