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Miss  Martina   ********

Experienced couple seeks live-in position

Availability:Two months

Hi, I am 30 years old and together with my boyfriend (26) we are looking for a new position after doing 5 years of au-pair plus/housekeeping/housecleaning jobs. We are honest, modest, reliable, keen to learn new things and meet new people, love minimalism, nature, eco ways of living, adore animals. We are both musical, I'm a travel blogger who loves to edit photography and play a little piano and bass guitar as well as writing poetry/lyrics time to time and he composes his own songs, plays guitar and piano and he loves to cook (epic pizza maker!). As for a driving license, I don't have one but he does and is experienced in UK driving so I've ticked "yes".

Age 31 years ( Thursday 11th of August 1988 )
Gender Female
Nationality Czech

Profile information

Career level Experienced (Non-manager)
Main interests
  • Domestic UK
Years of education 10 - 20 years
Academic qualifications
  • Some College Coursework Completed
  • Czech
  • English
Eligible to work in UK? Yes
Have a valid driver licence? Yes
Will use personal car? I dont have a car

Education info

  • 09/2004 to 07/2007    -    GyBu (Gymnázium Bud?jovická)

Portfolio images

  • Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2017

    Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2017

Mini interview

What are your long term interests and goals ?
To live a cozy life in a place to call my home, to travel to new countries occasionally, to have a fulfilling job, working with kind people, to have time for myself and my little own projects like writing or music.
What key things are you looking for in your next job?
Meaningful work with a nice family, some level of freedom for self-expression (mainly for the gardener), animals (ideally cats), countryside, cozy place, car for personal purposes (we can negotiate on the salary to reflect this), preferably weekends off
Can you describe what you feel to be an ideal working environment ?
A place that is nice and cozy and filled with mostly positive vibes, fun family that will genuinely like to have us around and consider us the part of their household, while also giving us space just like we give it to them.
What kind of people do you find it most difficult to work with ? Why ?
Very stressed people who transfer their over-busyness to us. You can be busy and productive without stressing your household staff, running around of shouting. Also people who keep promising and not delivering and don't respect that we rely on them too, or parents who let their children do whatever they want to. It makes it difficult for a nanny/babysitter to do her job when children don't even respect their own parents.
How do you resolve conflicts ?
Calmly. We try to take the other person's point of view and look for solutions, compromises that will suit to everybody and get the job done.
Why did you leave or intend to leave ?
We only always left jobs because it was originally agreed that we will stay for a year, year and half or so. Haven't found a place that would be "the one" to stay at for a longer term yet. If we left our extra jobs, it was usually because we no longer felt the need to do them financially and sometimes it became just too many of them to be comfortable so we cut back.
How would you describe your personality ?
I am a natural worrier and empath, always want to do the job perfectly to make sure everybody is happy so I keep thinking about other people and their schedules and reminding them what they need to do. I am a nature and animal lover, will go out of my way to make sure all animals are taken great care of - in the past I have been called a "cat whisperer" because even the grumpiest cats became friends with me. I am honest and trusting and love being around positive people. I do what I am supposed to do and expect the same from others. My boyfriend Mirek is very passionate and perfectionist, also smart and inventive. He loves to accomplish tasks better than expected, quicker, with less of an effort, he fixes things and loves to come up with perfect solutions. He is more of a dog person but we make a great team together, always filling in each other's blanks.
How would you characterise your strengths ?
I care about things being done the right way, I care to make other's lives easier. I enjoy even the simplest tasks of cleaning, I find it soul-cleansing as well and love the result of a clean and tidy place as well as the smell of a fresh laundry so basically I genuinely enjoy the claning part of the job. Mirek is the same, he enjoys meaningful manual work and seeing the results but he is also incredibly determined which inspires me. He always finds a solution and never gives up. We both strive to reduce our ecological waste and try to give something back to the environment. We've always been an amaizing team, being able to organise and divide jobs in order to get everything done as quickly and well as possible, and we keep our promises. Twelve o'clock is twelve o'clock.
How would you characterise your weaknesses?
I can sometimes overthink things, worrying too much. I underestimate myself which causes me to fear basic tasks like picking up a call from an unknown number. I can be really nervous in a new environment, meeting new people, but once I get a grip of it, I'm always alright. Mirek's weakness would be his occassional stubborness to be perfect. He sometimes takes on too much and wants to finish everthing in a crazy short time which exhausts him. But then again, he has me to try and regulate him and if that affects his work, it's only in a good way.
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